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Welcome to Home Yoga, a haven for seasoned seekers of serenity.

Here, your yoga journey is uniquely yours, deeply personal and profoundly enriching. My commitment is to foster a sense of true belonging within your own body, helping you feel completely "at home."

I advocate for a deliberate and mindful approach, placing emphasis on the breath as the anchor of your practice. Through gentle guidance, I encourage you to attune to your inner guide, the subtle voice within, as you navigate each yoga session.

In this nurturing space, you're invited to honor your rhythm, moving at a pace that feels right for you. Whether you're inclined to delve deeper into poses or simply seek solace in rest and relaxation, the choice is yours to make in every class.

Classes are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate varying abilities, with options available both on the mat and on the chair. I provide a range of modifications and adaptations to suit your individual needs, ensuring that your yoga experience is accessible, enjoyable, and deeply fulfilling.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat (or chair)!

                                                         ~wendy dulin

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