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Sound Bath with Catherine Barrett Wednesday, Sept. 6th at 7pm

Catherine Barrett began her meditation journey in 2011 and has been

committed to the practice ever since.

Seven years ago Catherine completed her teacher training in

mindfulness meditation and began sharing her knowledge with

students of all ages and levels of experience. She soon began

incorporating sound bowls into her meditation classes, which lead

her to study sound healing in NY, CT and VT.

Catherine offers private Sound Healing sessions, individual and group

Sound Baths. Catherine also works with fellow meditation teacher Diane

Nickelberg-Barnett at Grounded Meditation Studio in New Canaan.

Additionally, Catherine is a Reiki Master and holds certifications in

teaching Pranayama (breath work) and Tapping (Emotional Freedom

Technique). She has lived most of her life in Connecticut, receiving a

BS in Sociology from Sacred Heart University, she resides in New

Haven County and has a daughter in college.

Sound Baths are an immersive listening experience. A passive form of

meditation whereby the participants are able to focus their minds on

sound with very little effort.

The sounds of crystal and Himalayan bowls, various chimes, gongs,

drums and more create frequencies that enable the brain waves to

slow while inducing a deep therapeutic relaxed state of


The sound waves have been seen to not only cause a change in the

brainwaves but also to penetrate the body creating a relaxation

response as well as providing a slightly detoxifying effect.

The use of sound has been studied for its ability to activate the

parasympathetic nervous system by stimulating the vagus nerve

which is connected to the eardrum.

Possible benefits of a Sound Bath include deep relaxation, better

sleep, improved focus and mental clarity, decreased blood pressure

and anxiety.

A Sound Bath is best enjoyed lying down with the eyes closed. A

brief guided meditation is provided at the beginning and end of the

Sound Bath.

Come welcome her home and attend her first Sound Bath offering here...and this one is FREE!



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