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IMPORTANT COVID-19 reopening news...

As we open our "Home" on June 22, in order to be compliant with COVID-19 State guidelines, we will follow the following safe operating procedures:

  • class sizes are reduced to allow 6ft between each person.

  • mask is required upon entering the studio. Temperature will be taken and hands sanitized. Masks are optional only while actively practicing. Any time your feet are off your yoga mat, your mask will be required.

  • social distance should be maintained and masks must be worn until you are on your mat ready for class to begin

  • Please bring only what you need with you. Leave extra belongings at home or in your car.

  • Students must bring their own yoga mat. Your own sanitized props may be brought in as shared props and mats will not be available/provided for any classes at this time.

  • sign up to reserve your "in studio" space.

  • If you sign up for in studio class and cannot attend, please cancel your registration at least one hour earlier to avoid being charged.

  • When you sign in for your ZOOM class, a confirmation email will be sent with the link.

Check out the PLANS & PRICING page on the website. In order to encourage less "hands on" payment, the 5 and 10 class plans are available. While the single class price went up a dollar, the plans remain the same...$14.10 plus tax=$15 a class. During these unpredictable times, allowing your practice to grow in the safety of your own home is valuable! If you are immune compromised, in "that" age bracket, or generally just enjoy the freedom of practicing in your PJ's and saving gas and headache by not driving - the plans work. The unlimited monthly is by far the best deal. You could take a class each day...even two or three on some days!! Check em out.

As you practice in your own home on ZOOM, remember to listen to your own body and its messages. Honor your body and its limits. Remember that what I do is only a suggestion, feel free to change, modify or even "sit something out" and breathe and wait for something more appropriate for you. Be safe, be nurturing.



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